Platforms for video marketing

There are quite a number of platforms for video marketing. If what comes to your mind is social media when you hear of  'platforms' for video marketing, you are correct!. The social media is the platform for video marketing and it's aim?, To reach a larger audience. Video marketing has mind blowing benefits. If you want to learn more about video marketing, it's awesome benefits and how it could help you, I suggest you click here. Now talking about the platforms for video marketing and why you should use it. As said in the previous article, you have to make your video coherent, keep it short, make people find reasons to share your video. This rules apply to all the social media platforms.

  • YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It is estimated that over one billion people visit YouTube every month. YouTube is a video sharing website – where you can post videos and watch other people's videos. Users connect with each other and share ideas. What's more, YouTube is totally and absolutely cost effective. Users can access a wide range of videos including commercials, music videos, documentaries and ' Your video'. Only when you post it of course. YouTube helps you showcase your products, educate your customers about your product,  feature video testimonials and gain the trust of your customers.You can use real YouTube views or Google analytics to know how successful your video marketing is.

The basic rule of thumb for YouTube is to never upload a video without creating tags, titles, and descriptions. This allows your video to be found in search results and will generate more traffic than if you had created a title without any additional information.

With a single video, you can direct an influx of traffic to your website. Although, posting consistently is the best way to generate proven SEO results and increase your success. It is highly recommended to post a video weekly or twice a month with content that is related to the search your customers are looking for

  • Facebook

We all know, it is a great platform for video marketing with about 1.9 billion active followers monthly.As we all know, Facebook is totally free!. It has become one of the greatest website for advertiser. When users go online, your video pops up. Every company should have its own Facebook page with videos and GIF's. In addition there's now Facebook live, you can go live talk about your product and tell your story. It's a great way to advertise. After uploading your video on Facebook, pin the post to the top of your company's page when you do that, your video will be the first thing they see when they click on your page. Most people on Facebook watch videos without audio, make sure you include accurate captions for people who have hearing difficulties and those who may be watching the video without sound.

  • Instagram

Millions of videos are being uploaded on Instagram everyday and guess what? Users never get tired of posting and watching videos. And you can go live on Instagram too. Many companies have an Instagram page that is well maintained and updated regularly. You want to try video marketing? This is an awesome platform .

  • Twitter

With roughly about 250 million users, Twitter is a great platform for video marketing. With Twitter, you can reach majority of your intended target. Twitter has also become integrated with Vine such that users can upload their videos directly from Vine to Twitter.

  • Vine

Vine is owned by Twitter,  it is a mobile video platform. Statistics have shown that nearly 100 million Vine videos are watched each month and that Vine users share over 8,000 videos every minute. What are you waiting for?  With Vine, your videos are highly shareable and it involves low effort.

  • Wistia

If you are looking for a platform that is designed specifically for business videos heatmap then Wistia is an excellent choice. It provides complete control over the branding of the videos embedded on the site. You can also integrate marketing tools so that you can collect the emails of the viewers and use them for trigger campaigns. Videos of Wistia have Twitter integration which makes it possible to watch the videos within the tweet. Wistia allows you to gain insight into engagement metrics, watch-time analysis, and viewership trends that will show you both the demographic and geographic characteristics of your audience.

This data allows you to determine which video content is most relevant to your audience (and what isn’t) and use those insights to tailor future video marketing efforts.

  • Sprout video

It is a well-designed video hosting platform for businesses. It allows you to integrate the videos in marketing content by adding curated playlists, email collection forms and call to action. It also helps in tracking the individual users that are interacting with the content you are uploading. You can also take a look at the SEO option to make sure your video is ranking high in search results.

  • Periscope

With periscope, live streaming is let's you broadcast on a public platform for anyone to watch. Videos can be watched on the app 24hours after broadcast. Periscope helps you interact with your customers, periscope is owned by Twitter, giving you a wider range of target.

  • Brightcove

This platform allows the users to use custom video players. The custom players can be added to the websites and social media platforms. It is an excellent platform that also allows the users to live stream. It has fifteen player templates to offer, and each template is available in six languages. It comes with a built-in social sharing. It also provides YouTube sync which is an excellent time-saving feature as it links the videos automatically to YouTube which helps in offering a wider range.

In conclusion, the world's market is rapidly evolving and video marketing is a trend that won't die anytime soon. Companies with more videos on their website are seen as more legimate and that makes consumers want to purchase from them– they end up doing more business.

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