New Samsung Galaxy Fold 2019

Modern smartphones have become a bit boring after a decade of iterative improvements. The extravagant smartphones of yesteryear have died in favor of the flat glass slab. Samsung is currently the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, which gives you space to try something new. The Galaxy Fold is official and will arrive in April. However, you may want to start saving now. 

How to use the new Samsung Galaxy fold

Even for a journalist specializing in technology, the demonstration on the stage of Fold was really impressive. When folded, the phone behaves like a normal phone with a touch screen on the front. The only obvious difference is that the 4.6-inch HD + Super AMOLED display with a ratio of 21: 9 does not occupy all of the real estate on the front, which now seems strange after years of full-screen handsets.

Once opened, the 7.3-inch AMOLED QXGA + dynamic screen with a ratio of 4.2: 3 helps the galaxy fold transform into a tablet, well, a small tablet. On stage, as the various representatives of Samsung held the device, it was possible to see a ghost of the fold on the big screen reflected in the stage lighting, and we wonder if this will be visible up close or in daily usage.

When it opens, this is when the fold seems to come into its own. Samsung has allegedly worked with Google and the Android developer community to test and ensure that applications and services will be available to Galaxy Fold users. To show this, Fold has something called "Application Continuity," which basically means that the experience of switching between using an application on the front screen and continuing to use it when you unfold the phone is to be expected. This fact seems to be the case in the demo when the Fold was opened and closed, applications seemed to automatically appear where you left them, like when you use Google Maps or watch Netflix videos.

In addition, the Fold, available in LTE and 5G versions, is also compatible with Samsung's DeX configuration, so you can try a PC-like experience with your phone using a dock and a slave monitor. Also, those who like their digital assistants will be happy, or maybe not, to know that Bixby is included, of course. Oh, and to try to make the package look as luxurious as possible, Samsung is also launching its new dynamic headphones in the box.

Features of Samsung galaxy fold

  • Design

With a shape reminiscent of old Vertu phones, the Fold in its compact form is thin and tall and has a 4.6-inch screen on the front. Then, when it's unfolded, the device shows a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen, which is only slightly smaller than the 7.9-inch iPad Mini.

In addition to having a folding screen that must support hundreds of thousands of curves in its useful life, the design is based on an important mechanism of the hinge, something that Samsung has had to design from scratch so that multiple gears with airlock are hidden in sight. Once it's open, Fold looks a lot like a mini tablet, with that 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen that acts as a bright, colorful display capable of doing justice to Netflix videos, YouTube content, Google Maps or even the Microsoft Office applications.

The metal frames and the flat folding design also point to something that Samsung clearly wanted to emphasize at the unveiling, the fact that this is a "luxury" device as if the price of € 2,000 was not enough to bring that point home. colors? Cosmos Black, Martian Green, space silver and Astro Blue. In addition, Samsung has just released four minutes of footage of B-roll, which offers the best approach on how the fold works.

  • Performance

The Fold, which runs Android Pie, is powered by a Qualcomm 64-bit octa-core processor of 7 nm, which means it's not as powerful as the new S10, but could be more than fast enough for virtually all the users. On board, you have 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Unlocking the phone is done in a very similar way to the new S10e with a fingerprint sensor on the side of the device. As for power, the Galaxy Fold does not have one but two batteries, one on each side of the fold. Samsung stated that it had to work to combine the power of these two units into a single 4,380mAh power supply. The Fold is compatible with fast charging, both wired and wireless. The Galaxy Fold can also charge itself and a second device at the same time.

Regarding the screen, Samsung has said that it had to invent a new layer of polymer to create a screen that is approximately 50% thinner than those found in a "typical" smartphone screen. The sound to go with that screen is supplied by AKG in the form of stereo speakers.

  • Cameras

Cameras are the usual battlefield of mobile devices, they were before folding screens, and the Fold has six of them. Yes, six. On the cover there is a 10MP selfie camera (F2.2), then there is a triple rear camera consisting of an ultra wide 16MP camera (F2.2), a 12MP wide-angle camera with two pixel autofocus and optical image stabilization (F1.5 / F2.4), then backed by a 12MP telephoto lens (F2.4) with 2X optical zoom. Finally, there is a dual front camera with a 10MP selfie lens (F2.2) plus an 8MP RGB depth camera (F1.9). Samsung calls this configuration its "most versatile camera so far" since it says that "no matter how you hold or fold the device, a camera will be ready to capture the scene."

Technical specifications

  • Screen: Main screen: 7.3 "QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED (4.2: 3); Cover screen: 4.6" HD + Super AMOLED (21: 9)
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • Memory: 12 GB of RAM (LPDDR4x), 512 GB (UFS3.0)
  • Cameras: Cover Camera: 10 MP Selfie Camera, F2.2; Triple Camera on the Back: Ultra Wide 16MP Camera, 12MP telephoto camera, PDAF, OIS, F2.4, 2x optical zoom; Front Dual Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera, F2.2; 8MP RGB depth camera, F1.9
  • Batteries: two batteries for a combination of 4,380 mAh; Fast charging compatible with cable and wireless;  the Charge via cable is compatible with QC2.0 and AFC and the Wireless charging is compatible with WPC and PMA
  • AP: 7nm 64-bit octa-core processor
  • Colors: Space Silver, Martian Green, Cosmos Black or Astor Blue


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